Business Gifts


Exclusive personalised business gifts are always a class act. A personalised promotional product in your company's housestyle or logo does wonders for your image or as a first impression with business contacts and clients. Whether it's a personalised travel set, or personalised phone case or a personalised laptop sleeve, your company is always represented and linked to fun corporate gifts by your employees and clients.

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Had a good season, quarter or year? Celebrate in style or surprise your staff with a motivational gift for the extra push. Employees will gladly show off such exclusive business gifts to their family and friends and further represent your company.


We like to put a bit of fun into our products, personalisation and social media advertising, if you're looking or the same then we are a match made in heaven! Are you announcing a new product? Expanding the business? Looking for an eye catching item that draws attention from your clients of staff? Let us know your plans and we will gladly think along into creating a custom gift.


In Belgium personalised business gifts are 50% tax-deductible if they are valued for at least €125. For other European countries we advise you to investigate whether your business gifts are  tax-deductible too.


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